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Eindhoven housing deal: temporariness, hysteria on the housing market and quick fixes

Eindhoven: a city of thinkers and doers. But also a place where housing is a huge challenge. Where there is a great need for ...

News item | 29-06-2020 | 14:27

Student housing: continuing to build together in times of crisis

Due to coronavirus, the vacancy rate among student accommodation providers is increasing, but the parties want to maintain the ...

News item | 23-06-2020 | 11:45

Starter Week to provide more opportunities for starters on the housing market

The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) will be joining forces with parties in the residential sector to ...

News item | 16-06-2020 | 11:49

Additional 10,000 housing facilities for the homeless

Working with municipalities, housing associations and other parties involved, the Dutch government aims to provide 10,000 ...

News item | 03-06-2020 | 12:44

Student housing in times of coronavirus: making a virtue out of necessity

In Amsterdam educational institutions and accommodation providers joined forces to accommodate international exchange and other ...

News item | 22-05-2020 | 14:22

Government invests in continuing to build

The Dutch government is taking short-term measures for 2020 to allow the building industry to continue building during the ...

News item | 20-05-2020 | 12:47

Annual rent increase for nonsubsidized housing sector capped

The Dutch government will be introducing measures to improve access to the housing market for starters and middle-income earners. ...

News item | 15-05-2020 | 13:25