Starter Week to provide more opportunities for starters on the housing market

The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) will be joining forces with parties in the residential sector to organise Starter Week from 27 September to 3 October.

The aim of this week is to improve the position of starters in the housing market by providing a complete range of independent information. Minister Kajsa Ollongren: "As a starter, it's already hard enough to find a suitable home, but a lack of information must not be the stumbling block."


As a starter you don't have it easy on the housing market. The supply of homes is limited and competition is fierce. You also face many important choices. For example: how much money can I and do I want to spend on a house? Where do I want to live? And do I want to buy or rent?

Having the right information helps you make these important choices. But this information is fragmented across different organisations and information sources. It is therefore quite difficult to quickly obtain a complete overview of your options as a starter on the housing market.

Central location

That is why the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations teamed up with Aedes, the Dutch Banking Association, the Dutch Association of Insurers, VBO, Vastgoedpro, NVM, De Hypotheekshop, SVn, Vereniging Eigen Huis and NHG to organise Starter Week. The aim of this week is to provide starters on the housing market with a central location where they can find all the necessary information about renting or buying their first house. During Starter Week we will be drawing attention to this central location by organising a number of events for starters on the housing market.


The parties involved are committed to making Starter Week a success. By working together to ensure that they are provided with complete and reliable information, we hope to reach as many starters as possible, thereby improving their chances of finding their first home.