Housing development

Central government strives for a good mix between owner-occupied homes, social housing, mid-market rented housing and the more expensive rental segment. Particularly in urban regions there is great demand for new housing, and that will be the case in the future too.

This is why the government is giving greater priority to constructing new housing, with special attention being paid to affordable mid-market rented housing. This section describes the measures that will be taken to ensure that local authorities, housing associations, investors and builders can construct more homes in the Netherlands, and how central government is facilitating this.

Accelerate building

Housing construction will be given greater priority on the MIRT agenda (Multi-Year Programme for Infrastructure, Spatial Development and Transport). There will be more scope for regional customisation. A national expert team is going to help regions accelerate construction plans. The scope of the Dutch Crisis and Recovery Act will also be extended so that more homes can be built more quickly. In addition to new housing, the government is also encouraging better use of the existing housing stock.