Housing deals

At the end of 2018, the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) held discussions with several urban regions that are facing major housing shortages. It became clear that housing construction needs to be accelerated.

However, this is not so easy to achieve. The regions indicated that more and faster construction can reduce the shortage on the housing market only in the longer term. There was also discussion regarding tackling excesses resulting from the shortage on the housing market.
Following the regional talks, some results have already been achieved, such as the accessibility of crucial construction sites. In cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management, these were laid down during the administrative consultations on the Multi-year Programme for Infrastructure, Spatial Development and Transport.


The housing deals consist of several components with their own arrangements. One of these is tackling bottlenecks in the acceleration of housing construction. This includes a number of specific acceleration locations that contribute to the building target in the region. The housing deals also contain agreements on the regional need for planning capacity and on targeted actions to deal with the consequences of the shortage.

Signed housing deals

As of January 2019, six housing deals have been signed:

  • City of Groningen (9 January 2019)
  • Eindhoven region (7 March 2019)
  • Southern Randstad conurbation (3 June 2019)
  • Utrecht region (24 June 2019)
  • Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (5 July 2019)
  • Arnhem-Nijmegen region (4 March 2020)