Proper landlordship

Equal opportunities for a home for everyone in the Netherlands, without considering origin. Fair rents, good contact with tenants and timely maintenance of the accommodation are essential for proper landlordship.

On 9 November 2018, the Dutch minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations presented the action plan (NL) to boost proper landlordship. This plan contains arrangements to combat excesses on the rental market. The parties involved made agreements about:

  • discrimination on the housing market;
  • slumlording;
  • unjustified brokerage costs;
  • the role of the tenant.

Tenants, landlords, municipalities, as well as estate agents and brokers are participating in this action plan. They are implementing the agreements jointly.

First results

The first results of the action plan are now evident. In February 2019, for example, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) announced that it would be tackling unjustified brokerage costs. In addition, the Real About Rent-campaign for students has been extended and the accessibility of the Huurcommissie (Rent Tribunal) has been increased.

Nevertheless, contrary to other agreements, the actions relating to discrimination on the rental market have not yet had the desired effect. The minister is working on this in cooperation with the responsible parties.


In order to achieve proper enforcement, five pilots have been running since early 2019 in cities including Utrecht, The Hague and Amsterdam. Three more pilots were launched in early 2020. The pilots are investigating what enforcement possibilities exist for municipalities on the basis of existing powers and whether an amendment to legislation is necessary to strengthen the action plan for proper landlordship. In addition, best practices are being exchanged by the pilots and shared with other municipalities.