Student housing

Every year, thousands of new students from home and abroad start their education at a Dutch college or university. The majority of Dutch students will be living on their own for the first time during their studies, quite a few of them right from their first year.

International students need housing immediately upon arrival in the Netherlands, as most of them cannot fall back on their social network. Housing is therefore an important underlying condition to make studying at a college or university possible and to facilitate our knowledge economy. Nevertheless, students are still having great difficulty in finding suitable housing. Student housing associations do reserve a number of rooms, however, for international students.

Student housing action plan 2018-2021

Municipalities, educational institutions, housing associations, private investors, students and the government have therefore agreed in the student housing action plan 2018-2021 to find a long-term solution for the shortage of rooms, with a special focus on international students.

The aim is to strengthen local cooperation between 2018 and 2021 and to jointly formulate housing plans that will balance supply and demand locally over a ten-year period. One year after the launch of the action plan, local cooperation between the parties has progressed encouragingly, according to Kajsa Ollongren, the Dutch Minister of the Interior, in a letter to the House of Representatives. The shortage is also being addressed by other means. For example, the Flexliving Incentive Plan contributes to the temporary shortages in peak periods. Specific agreements on student housing have also been made in the various deals, such as in Eindhoven and Groningen.